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Abaran’s gold scheme is easy, convenient and super accessible. I managed to buy the perfect gift for my husband and he loved it. The best part, I didn't have to burn a hole in my pocket!

Tina Joseph

Being a member of the Adrashtabarana Gold scheme has brought tons of smiles & happiness for me and my wife. My wife enrolled into the scheme and paid all the installments, the last one obviously paid by Abaran. The surprise came when she gifted me a lovely chain on our anniversary & revealed that she had planned it for months and was paying for the installment from her savings.

Abdulla Sheikh

I’ve always wanted to own a piece of stunning jewellery from Abaran but was reluctant to spend anything too quickly. Abaran's gold scheme allowed me to plan and time my purchase well. I managed to buy a beautiful necklace in a very short period of time and also was able to afford it. Kudos to the Abaran team!

Priya Joshi